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Hastings Art School is a local, accessible alternative to a traditional art school model. The aim is to provide creative development and career opportunities to artists who do not want to, or cannot attend a traditional art school.


We provide services traditionally supported through a post-grad level programme, whilst removing some of the difficulty local artists have in accessing similar programmes. There are no specific entry requirements and work with artists from any background, working in any medium.


We host practical workshops, lectures and student-led exhibitions, a dedicated arts library, and are committed to reducing some of the barriers to learning facing lots of artists in Hastings and the surrounding areas.

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Art Theory Short Courses 

Our online, self-study short courses are designed for those that want to learn more about art. Whether that is filling gaps in knowledge, or the first tentative steps in exploring an interest in art, we want to make high-quality and up to date art education accessible, rewarding, and fun. 


Appreciating Art

Ever felt intimidated in art galleries, worried you don’t ‘get it’? Join us for a relaxed 8-week journey to demystify art appreciation and make art approachable. From understanding techniques to decoding meanings, this course welcomes everyone to explore, interpret, and truly appreciate art without the fear of feeling out of place.


History of Art

Thinking about how we look at the major art movements that have dominated Western studies of the history of art today, and what we might bring into that understanding as contemporary viewers. A fresh consideration for those who have studied art history before and a solid grounding for those newer to thinking about history through its art objects.


Exploring Contemporary Art

Delve into thought-provoking discussions on identity, technology, activism, and more, and dive into what is happening in art today. Explore groundbreaking artworks and radical lineages, dissect complex themes, and engage in the dynamic debates which are setting the art world on fire.

Artist Development Programme

Our flagship Artist Development programme at Hastings Art School unfolds across three dynamic 10-week terms, intricately tailored to your unique creative journey. Rooted in the principles of exploration, refinement, and communication, the course structure includes weekly two-hour in-person seminars and critiques, complemented by valuable resources delivered via a weekly content email.

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Term 1

In Term 1, we gently challenge and explore your artistic boundaries, fostering a collaborative environment where you create new work and engage critically with fellow artists. This stage ensures you're on a path of generating intriguing work that inspires you and sparks fresh questions and insights.

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Term 2

Transitioning into Term 2, the focus sharpens on refining your artistic voice and concerns, preparing you for real-world applications through solo shows and public events. Deepen your understanding of your practice, contextualize it within the broader artistic landscape, and effectively communicate your insights to your audience.

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Term 3

In Term 3, we delve into the business of art, guiding you to craft a long-term career path aligned with your aspirations. This culmination consolidates your learnings into a future-facing plan, equipping you with the confidence and practical skills for a lifelong artistic practice and career. 

New cohorts start end of May. Our 3-term course is designed to be generous and challenging. Available online or in person:

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