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Core Programme

Our flagship programme is based around three 10-week terms. Each phase of the course is tailored to your individual practice and is loosely hung around the principles of exploration, refinement and communication. The course runs via weekly two-hour in-person seminar/crits supported by resources and questions via a weekly content email.

In Term 1 we gently challenge and explore your practice, make new work, and connect with fellow artists in a critical, collaborative environment. The first stage is dedicated to making sure you are on track with generating interesting work which inspires you and throws up new questions and insights. 

Term 2 is designed to refine your voice and concerns as an artist before some real-world applications in a solo-show and public facing events. You learn to deeply contextualise your practice within the broader artistic landscape, deepen your insight into your concerns, and communicate this with your viewers. 


Finally, in Term 3 we look at the business of art, how to create a long term career path that works for you, and your longer term aims. This term consolidates all we have learnt into a future facing plan to give you the confidence and practical skills for a life-long practice and career. We also tailor you immediate plans and support you in your next steps.



We know how important it is to test your ideas in the real-world and in front of an audience. We also know how challenging this can be and how easy it is to keep work hidden in your study. We support our artists every step of the way and invite students to exhibit their work at every stage of the programme with experience of hanging, curating, writing artist bios, hosting, networking, and selling work in regular exhibition settings. 

At the end of Term 1 you will be part of a full cohort review show to gain public facing experience in our studio space in Priory Meadow shopping centre. In the second term all artists have an opportunity to use the studio for a solo-show, or other public event to showcase their practice and curate and develop a coherent vision. Finally in Term 3 you will take part in a larger end of year show which is developed by the artists on the programme to suit their needs and a group.

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1-1 Tuition

In each term you are enrolled you can have access to personalised, hour-long 1-1 tutorial session with founder Julia Kotziamani. In this session which can take place at your studio or at our offices,  we take have a deep look at your current artistic practice, any concerns or challenges you are facing, and offer critical, generative feedback and ideas for your next steps.


Our session will consist of discussing the intentions and motivations of your work as we work together to create a plan for your development. You will be offered feedback, technical and conceptual support, and tailored resources to help shift your work up a gear. This is supported further by a follow-up email outlining the discussion and any resources and takeaway points for you to refer back to.


Studio space
in collaboration with

Our founder Julia was awarded a long term residency in a shop in Priory Meadow Shopping Centre by Hypha Studios. 


Hypha Studios is a charity matching creatives with empty spaces & regenerating the high street with cultural hubs & events for local communities. By providing free studios & project space they act as an incubator for creatives to test new ideas without financial obstacles. Hypha provide opportunities to those who might not be able to access space, support or visibility.


Artists on the programme are invited to use the space for public facing events, exhibitions and workshops.

Arts Library


We are proud to offer all our artists free access to a dedicated, donation-based arts library. The library has over 1000 titles covers a wide range of art, art theory, critical theory, design, politics, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, craft and much more. 

These books are well-loved and looked after, we are so happy to be able to offer this new resource to support our artists' creative development. 

The vast majority of our library has been made possible through generous donations from the public. If you are interested in donating any books on a subject you think our artist would benefit from, please get in touch via the contact page. In return for your donation you will be given free access to the full catalogue.

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