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Davies' large-scale, monochrome paintings explore the emotional landscape of childhood trauma and are incredibly powerful and moving. This piece is from her first solo show and her first exploration of large-scale work since removing colour from her work. 


Davies is a self-taught mixed media artist, who draws inspiration from personal experiences and reflections, embracing emotions, movement and nature. She combines her love of her medium both tactility and intuition to produce bespoke pieces of large art created on the floor of her studio.


Her first exhibition “No More Silence” explores constricting emotions that have been confided inside and hidden which are teased out into sculptural canvases simplistically reflecting light away from those shadows.


Working creatively since childhood, her work is used as a distraction and escape from the environment and people around her.


Creating was a self-soothing tool for expression through painting, photography, textiles sculpting, singing or dancing. As an adult, her art continues to be a meditative exploratory practice.



The Clearing by Samantha Davies

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