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"Sometimes hidden by our backgrounds and sometimes in opposition with them, we

must choose to find a sense of unfaltering conviction in our identities and stand with

pride in our journey toward a more diverse yet unified society."


Richard Best is an openly queer artist from Hastings in East Sussex, England.


Through his work, the artist hopes to challenge the ideas of social norms and promote greater equality in our communities. 


This open studio solo exhibition of Richard's recent paintings will allow audiences to meet the artist and watch them work surrounded by the bold geometric patterns and clear, bright colours which epitomise this body of work. Exploring mental health struggles, living on the borderlines and learning to trust, Richard's paintings are a form of self-portrait mapping their psyche as they explore what it means to communicate queer experience with limited colour and form.

Marshmallow by Richard Best

  • Size: 50x50cm

    Material: Acrylic on canvas

    Created in 2021 

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