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Amanda Prouten is a mixed-media artist and textile designer living in Hastings.
Her work is a joyful mash-up of painting, drawing, collage, digital and photography to produce vibrant-coloured, bold images.


Her botanical-themed psychedelic designs celebrate the energy and wonder of nature and connection to the natural world through meditation and magick.


The artwork portrays the enchanting, surreal world of animism that rises from her subconscious and is presented to the viewer to connect directly to their own subconscious. Her art is a call from nature to connect to the earth, the spirits and all who inhabit this planet in a deeper and more meaningful way.


Animistic art presents a dance between the tangible and the metaphysical, light and darkness, spirit and matter, soul and substance and invites us to ‘lose our edges of perception’ to merge with the greater experience of  ‘universal source’.


Apart from nature, her influences include folk art and ethnic textiles - chintz, paisley, otomi, suzani, Mexican bark painting, and embroidery

Happy White Tabby by Amanda Prouten

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